For more than three decades, Bradley Digital has been successfully capturing unforgettable dance recitals, photographing June graduations and enhancing businesses’ image through a one-of-a-kind human perspective. The big shot, as some might call it. However, Bradley’s own brand didn’t quite reflect its unique talents — until now.

In spring of 2019, Bradley Digital unveils its brand new website. Big, beautiful imagery. Professional-looking design. Mobile responsive navigation. And a three-pillar service offering: Photography, Digital Video and Event Production.

Bradley Digital is now poised to take pictures further, capture video that’s more engaging and make every event more successful.

Helping you get the picture.
Knowing when to shoot is one thing, making you feel comfortable in front of the camera is quite another. Whether it’s your child’s first photo, first grade or first communion — Bradley Digital’s photographers are experts at getting subjects to look natural in any setting. They focus on of life’s special moments: birth announcements, grade school, dance class, high school, graduation class, wedding ceremonies, family portraits and celebrations of life.

Relive the moment again and again.
Video is becoming increasingly more popular. It allows customers to look inside your operation. It enables others to see your talent. And it captures a moment in time for loved ones to cherish. Whatever audience you’re targeting, Bradley Digital will delight, enthrall and engage people the minute they hit play. They zoom in on corporate and marketing training, social media and website content, testimonials, trade shows, commercials and PSA’s.

Making every event more successful.
Whether you’re planning a party for the ages, an intimate gathering or giving a presentation to the board of directors — Bradley Digital can turn the spotlight on you. Our event production experts provide the highest degree of professionalism. Audio, visual, entire multi-media presentations — make your next event the one you don’t want to miss.